Show Story Heels

Show Story Heels

Being a huge fan of shopping on Amazon and wearing heels, it's no wonder that I've come across Show Story shoes. They make some pretty unique heels.

I'm the lucky owner of four pairs and still keep finding more that I need... well, want... ok no, I really did mean need. 

My cute pair of baby pink boots with the black and white stripes are some of my favorite boots. The stripes really draw your attention to the shoe. I always get compliments on these cute boots wherever I wear them.

The other three pair are peep toe pumps, two of which are the same style. I can't decide what color combo I like best either. They are two tone with a little bow in the back of the heel. The accent color is like a velvet material, so naturally I can't stop playing with that when I have them on.

The other peep toe pump is a navy blue with white dots and a red ribbon accent. These make me want to immediately find some kind of a cute sailor girl outfit to wear them with it. Hahaha

Granted I haven't gotten to wear them all a whole lot I can tell you they run true to size and are pretty comfy as well as beautiful. 

Spent the other night taking pics in these shoes and playing video games. Some of the pics are included in my Cuban heel stockings pic set.