Shopping Links

Shopping Links

I woke up to a nice little email from yesterday. They were letting me know I was accepted for their affiliate program. What that means is that if I post links to their site and ya'll use them to buy stuff (does not have to be what the link was to) I could get a little kick back. Probably not the fastest way to get rich but it may just help support my addictions. Hahaha! Hoping this also gives me a little incentive to get blog posts/product reviews up more often.

So now that that is official. Lets talk about this polka-dot outfit. Oh my how fun is was that.  Both the dress and heels were from 

The dress was made by Allegra K. Now, normally I'm not one to buy dresses because I feel like my proportions make it hard to find ones that I like that fit. But I saw this cute little thing and decided to put it on my wish list. Of course I had to try it on as soon as I opened the package and oooooh was I happy!  First of all it fit and that always suprises me when I order something online. This wrap around dress gave me some room to play with the style. If I tied the waist tight I got the perfect work appropriate dress. If I lossened up the waist a bit it was definitely a bit more flirty with a little cleavage peekaboo. 

As for the amazingly gorgeous shoes...  these are Lolli Couture heels. There are many different prints in this style but the white with black dots were the ones that caught my eye and I kept going back to look at. Though them fuchsia ones are kinda hot too. I also have my eye on the purple flora and the rainbow... If They ever get the rainbow in my size. I've worn them a couple times now and they fit great, and didn't pinch or squish my feet at all. Pretty comfy to walk in and didn't kill my feet after a day of work.

Wow! This is probably my longest blog ever so let me just shut up now and get to posting some pics.  I will make sure to get the Amazon links, that go with this outfit, on my blog tonight. (I have to do that on my computer which is of course at home)