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Sets are $3.67 each.

 *NOTE*  Apple product users may need to download a program (or app) to unzip the file.

So much Pink Pt 1

This 36.9MB zio file contains 30 pictures of me in my pink body stocking, white net dress, kneesocks, sneakers, and heels, Beware there is ALOT of pink. Look out for part two for even MORE pink!

So much Pink Pt 2

Here it is! Part two of the pink bodystocking. This time paired up with a pink babydoll gown plus strapy blue heels and pink pumps. If the first set wasn't enough pink for you then you will need this 41.1MB zip file filled with 37 more picures.

Another Tuesday Night

This 95MB zip file is full of 57 pictures of me in white hose and silver heels or as I like to call it... Another Tuesday night.

Black and White with Polkadots

Black top, white skirt, and poldadot heels? Sounds like a party to me. There is just something about these heels. They make for some damn good pictures! Enjoy!! This 64.5MB zip file contains 42

Three Shoe Set

This 93MB zip file contains 59 pictures of me in three different pairs of shoes... My Adidas, my pastel yellow pumps, and my fuschia peeptoe heels. There are some shoeless pics in there to for good measure. Even through they really don't show much I included the uncensored pics of the two I had to censor for Instagram. Hope you enjoy them all!

Grey Body Stocking

This set contains 38 pictures (31.7MB) of me in my shiny grey body stocking. This body stocking is sooo super shiny I absolutely love it. Hope you enjoy the set <3

Pink, Black, and Taupe

This is the set I was working on before mom went into the hospital. I finally got it finished! The Pink, Black and Taupe set is a 87.8MB zip file containing 52 pics of animals I seen last time I went to the zoo... Hahahaha just kidding they are all pics of me. Just seeing if you were paying attention. Enjoy!

Halloween 2019

Picture set in my Flapper girl costume from Halloween. (Fair warning! I'm 24 weeks pregnant) There are 55 new pictures in the set. I also threw in the pics and vid from Instagram for fun. This zip file is 216MB.

Half Ass Hose

There is no denying that Cecilia de Rafael makes some amazing nylons. These Moreno Eterno 15s are some of my all time favorites. Can you imagine my heart break when these decided to half ass their job 2 hours into my day? Surprisingly the gigantic hole stayed above my skirt and there were no runs down the legs so I was able to finish my day in them. I found walking around with half my ass hanging out for the rest of the day a rather amusing little secret. I thought I would give these a proper send off and take a few pictures. Soooooo here they are 38 picture zipped up into a 28.8 MB zip file.


This 110MB zip file contains 56 picture of me in the cutest little peach skirt, navy shirt and my peach with white polk-a-dot heels. Some how I had a bra that matched these heels perfectly so the I have to say this is one of my favorite outfits. However, that cute little skirt I was talking about is mighty little and I can't wear it many places so I wanted to share it with you here.

Skirt Turned Minidress

I thought this skirt turned mini dress was extra cute so I turned it into a picture set! Here are 45 pictures jammed into a 51MB zip file. Now you can enjoy the fun that is mini dress skirt thing... along with some heels and hose of course!

Silver and Pink

The 133MB zip file has 68 pictures of me in my Silver and Pink outfit with the cute matching butterfly heels.

So Taupe

I thought these colors went so perfectly together and the taupe nylons made the colors pop that much more, so I had to entertain myself and do a set. This 27.3 MB zip file contains 44 pictures of this colorful outfit and taupe nylons.

Wardrobe Change Pt. 1

Wanted to do a set with my hot pink thigh highs, started taking pics changing into them and ended up with enough pictures for two sets. This first one is a 41.7MB zip file that includes 34 pictures. Some of these pics are with my blue fishnets and white nylons underneath, some are with out any nylons and some are with my nude nylons and hot pink thigh highs. The second set all pictures of me with the thigh highs so make sure to check that one out too.

Wardrobe Change Pt. 2

Here is the second part of my Wardrobe change sets. All of the 31 pictures in this 35.5MB zip file are of me in my hot pink thigh highs. These thigh highs are so beautiful I hope you enjoy the pics!

Yellow and Purple

This 116MB zip file contains 52 pictures of me in my colorful yellow and purple outfit and my shiny CDR nylons. I also included the pic and short video that I posted on Instagram. ***If you like this set check out my heel play video and no heels, all feet video, in the same outfit. What can I say I was really loving the colors. Both videos are available in my shop!***

Lounging in Dots

Just a little set in of me lounging around in all my polka-dots. 27 pics all zipped up into a 29MB file. I do love all these polka-dots

Red Dress Set

This 48MB zip file has 40 pics in my red dress and heels. If you like this set check out the Red Dress video.

New Heels Set

Got this new pair of heels as a gift. They are so lovely I thought they needed a little set of their own. This 77.5 MB zip file contains 30 pictures of me and my new lovely heels!

Why So Blue

This 59.1 MB zip file contains 58 pictures in one of my favorite outfits! Actually I think my favorite part is the fact that I some how have a bra that goes perfectly with it. I like this outfit so much I may have to do another set in it. What cha' think?