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Videos may download in a zip file.

Videos are $5.00 each.

 *NOTE*  Apple product users may need to download a program (or app) to unzip the file.

Red Back Seam Video

And video makes three. Well, if you already have the two pictures sets that is. This five minute video in those same awesome black hose with a red back seam completes the collection.

 Three Shoe Change Video

This 964MB file is an almost 8 minute long video playing in three different pairs of shoes.

White Skirt Mint Heels Video

Finally got around to uploading some stuff and found this video from the last time I was going to upload and just had nothing but problems. This 1.27GB, seven and a half minute and is not in a zip file.

Purple Skirt Video

Almost six minutes long and 1.15GB in size I had to learn a whole different way to upload larger videos but they will not be in zip files. Hope you enjoy this video in my dark purple skirt.