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Sets are $3.67 each, unless otherwise marked.

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Lovers of Sneakers

The first of three sets in this series. You can purchase them separately (3.67each) or all in one download, under the Lover 3 Pack title ($9.00). This set contains 27 pictures (51MB) of me in sneakers and taking the off for my next set, Lover of Heels

Lovers of Heels

The second of my three sets for this series. This one is for heel lovers. 26 pictures (64MB), some in my red, some in my black pumps. You can purchase the set by itself here ($3.67) or in the Lover 3 pack download($9.00).

Lovers of a Little More

Third and final set in this series. Here you will find me wearing one of each of the red and black heels and maybe a little more...or less. These 35 pictures (88MB) are available here ($3.76) or in the Lover 3 Pack ($9.00)

Lover 3 Pack

All three of the Lovers sets here for one low price of $20.00, because I'm worth the tip. HaHaHa! ok if it's only $9.00 if you buy them together!

State Of My Nylons Part Two

Alot like the first set, this 54MB set contains 34 pictures. This time there are heels involved... Still no nail polish though. ;P

State Of My Nylons

My hose ran in to a couple of snags, or should I say my snags turned into a couple of runs 😉 This 65MB zip file there are 29 pics. No heels in this set, no nail polish for that matter either.

Room Organizing Part Two

Part two of me trying to organize my room. This time in my blue skirt and yellow heels. This 120MB zip file has 40 pics but I'm not sure I'm any closer to having my room oragnized.

Room Organizing Part One

Snapped a few pics while trying to organize my room. This 125MB zip file has 43 pictures, no shoes, no skirt, just my hose and t-shirt.

Shades of Purple

Every shade of purple just makes me love purple more. This set has purple, purple and more purple.. What can I say I love it! I hope you love this 132MB zip file with 36 pictures.

Pink Shoe Set Part One

Part one of my pink shoe sets. My pink Converse star in this set along with some super cute panda socks that match my black, white and pink theme. This set is 83MB and includes 31 pictures in sneakers, ankle socks, and nylon.

Pink Shoe Set Part Two

Part two of my pink shoe sets. Both my baby pink and bright pink pointed toe heels make and appearance in this set This set is 72MB and includes 28 pictures in my heels.

Polka Dot Peep Toes

Praticing blowing some bubbles in my polka dot peep toes. So just another Tuesday night. 37 photos in a 50.7MB zip file

Blue Heels set

Wearing my beautiful blue heels, tan nylons and my super comfy robe. Thought some pictures were necessary so here they are all 45 of them zipped up in to a 145MB zip file.

Black and Yellow Hearts

59 pictures starting off with Heart Fishnets, sneakers and yellow slouch socks on, working my way to the nude hose that are underneath and then adding my favorite black patent leather heels. This zip file is 69MB of my first picture set in a long while. Hope you enjoy!