Just a little spot for me to Blog, bitch or blah,blah, blah.

Bear with me

Well hello again.

I am slowly getting the hang of this WordPress thing to get a new site up and going. The more I figure out the more the site may change. As of right now I am planning on having a gallery, which means pictures of course! A shop to sell sets, videos, worn items, trinkets, and baubles. Then a blog spot where  can blog, bitch or blah blah blah about whatever. So bear with me while I get this all set up and hopefully running smoothly. 

About Me

Umm about me… well, if you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know a lot about me, or maybe you don’t because you are just there for the pictures. Anyway if you would like to know a little more keep reading. If not pick another page to look at cause here comes more words.

I have a slight obsession with nylons and socks and now you know how I picked the name.

I don’t know what I should write. So what? Like a list of other stuff I like sure.

  • Cats (no cats are excluded from this even the ugly hairless ones)
  • My Family (well, some other peoples families too)
  • Purple (haven’t seen a single shade of it I didn’t like)
  • Heels (not a real huge fan of the long pointed toe ones.)

Are we done here? Know enough yet? Fine.

  • Hockey (Redwings and any team the boy plays for)
  • Laughing (I’m including being funny here cause I make me laugh and this is my page I can do what I want.
  • Size 7.5 shoe (I love shoes)

What were you expecting? A life story? I take pics not write stuff, sorry. Get outta here go look at some pictures or if you wanna read and you are lucky maybe there will be more in my blah blog to read. If not find a good book.

On a side note I made my little logo and my shop button using Logo Makr so I wanted to give them a little shoutout and thank you. If my uncreative ass can make something so can anyone!