Shopping with my Mom

After work on Friday I got to go shopping with my mom. Sadly, my nylons did not make it through the work day. I stopped home and changed in to some thing a little more shiny. I had a bit of a time deciding on which heels to wear though.  I was torn between my black heels, my yellow heels, and my sparkly purple heels.  Of course the purple sparkly heels won out though.

As I was trying on my shoes I got to thinking about where I got the shiny nylons from and I came up with nothing. It wasn't until I got to the mall that I remembered... It was Forever21. So when mom was in Macy's I ran to the bathroom and snapped some pics (which are in my shopping with mom set) then ran to Forever21 to see if they had more but it was a bust and I didn't even see them on their website.

The one thing I actually went to the mall looking for... a pair of Nike's. Were no where to be seen, made me so sad. Can you believe I actually left the mall empty handed! Mom got her makeup though. So it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Once we got in the car and decided we weren't ready to go home we headed to Cirilla's. I did get lucky there and picked up a cute pair of stockings and a new baby blue garter belt, which I can't wait to wear.

I'm thinking our next shopping trip needs to start earlier and maybe at a bit bigger mall.