Review: Contrast Cuban Heel Stockings

It's been a little while since my last blog, so I thought I would do a little review of my black and red thigh highs. Now keep in mind I'm no pro at reviewing shit but I'm pretty sure I just give my opinion on things and that's that. So let's get to it.

*clears throat*

Imo (lol maybe I should do lots of reviews and start them all that way).

Ok so about these Leg Avenue thigh highs... Look at them! Just. Look. At.Them! They really are pretty awesome to look at. The opaque black stockings with bright red Cuban heel and back seams, oh my! Oooh and those thick red stocking tops. Mmmhmmmm Oh now that we got the visuals let me tell ya how they fit me.... which I'm not sure would be much help to anybody who isn't the same size as me. But cheers, thanks for reading though anyway =D Now being as I'm short a.k.a. not tall, I found That I would get just a bit of a grandma ankle wearing them with my garter as high as it would go. So I ended up folding the stocking tops in half while I was at work. When I met up with my mother after work to go shopping I unfolded them so a little stocking top would show while I shopped. Of course this led to having to make a few adjustments through out the store...

Sorry a little of topic...

oh! Another thing, I think the fit the heel is a bit off for me because I have smaller feet. I think if they were a smidgen shorter they would fit me perfectly. Other than the fact that they are one size fits all they are super sexy thigh highs that I am looking forward to wearing again because surprising enough, I didn't get a run in them!

Bottom line, I would totally get them again and highly recommend them!!