Lovely Lavender

Lovely Lavender

Have I said enough times that I love purple?  If not let me tell you again... I LOVE PURPLE! 

So when I seen these cute purple and white peeptoe heels on Amazon I HAD to add them to my wish list. Of course when they were sent to me I realized that I didn't have anything to wear with them.  I don't own a lot of light colored clothing (I'm a mess waiting to happen) so I started my search for an outfit to go with these heels.  

Wellllll... my search in the stores around here was a complete failure so I got back on Amazon and found this super cute lavender skater skirt, and of course that was added to my wish list.  LOL

When the skirt showed up and matched the shoes so well it was time to go looking for a shirt.  I was already pretty happy with the skirt and shoes together that I was thinking I would just need a white top to complete the outfit. 

I went out shopping with my mom, skirt in hand, looking for a shirt.  We went into every store we thought would have something.   We did end up finding something in Rue21.  This white shirt with the lavender sleeves that matched the skirt so perfectly.  I bought another shirt that has yet to be worn (it has holographic lettering and I couldn't pass it up). Then to complete the outfit I went with my Champagne colored Transparenze nylons that are oh so soft.

I so love this lovely lavender! The shoes were a great fit and comfortable too, even if I only worked a half day in them because of the power outage. And, as hard as it is to know about the fit or the quality of clothing when ordering online. I am very happy with the skirt. The material isn't flimsy and see through.  It is also the perfect length for work too.  I have a couple other skater skirts that are much shorter and when you factor in my booty they are that much shorter in the back!  I am definitely going to go check and see it they offer this skirt in other colors cause ya know, I'll take one of each! Hahaha