Legg's Sheer Energy

Legg's Sheer Energy

What's your favorite hose?

I've been asked many times about what my favorite hose are. This is such a tough question! How can I just pick one???


After some time thinking on it and an inspection of what brands and styles make up a large chunk of my collection, I have come up with an answer... I think. Legg's Sheer Energy are the winner here. I guess this can't be to surprising as I wear them almost every. I have tried them in most colors they offer nude, tan, taupe, white, a few shades of black, and my new favorite beige. Every color I've tried in these have a lovely shine to them, and I do love some shine. There is also a variety of styles, reinforced toe, sheer to waist, control top, leg support, and more I'm sure. Not only are these hose beautiful they hold up well. I am pretty rough on hose so having a pair that I can wear more than once is something I get excited about.

I can probably get 3 to 4 wears out of a pair before them quitting on me. They hold up so well Legg's Sheer Energy are my favorite hose to use for dying. I try to keep a stock of white hose so that I can dye them. Sadly, however, white is a discontinued color for Legg's and I may be needing to change brands for my dying needs.

One of my favorite things about these hose is that I can get them in bulk. I go through so many that this is a big plus. On Hanes.com you can find a six pack to save you some money. Or wait till their BOGO sale and save you lots of bucks!

The color selection, the shine, the fit, the feel. Yes, Legg's Sheer Energy hose have earned their top spot on my list of favorite hose.