Dyeing my Nylons

Dyeing my Nylons

Only a whole six months after dyeing my tank top for Halloween I had a revelation. "Hey, I could dye my nylons. I have to try that!"  (So I'm a little slow in the thought process but I got there. lol)

I had also recently been to a Hanes outlet store and picked up a 6 pack of white sheer energy hose. (My favorite kind of six pack I must say.) So being that I had a pot, vinegar, and water at home I was only missing one thing, or was I?... Yeah I totally was, so my next trip to the grocery store I took a stroll down the craft isles and found a couple of bottles of Rit clothing dye, as luck would have it they were even on clearance !!! I bought purple, yellow and red and decided to give this experiment my first go. After a little poll (no not pole! Poll! There was a vote on Instagram and everything. Weren't you there? Hmmmm) it was decided that I would try the red first. 

Following the directions on the bottle for dyeing nylon I boiled up some red nylons!  Once my 30 minutes of stirring them was up starting I was getting pretty excited by the way they were looking, such a bright red!  After a longer rinse and a wash, then another rinse, I popped them in the dryer and shortly there after I had me some wonderful sheer red nylons.  I knew I needed to find more white nylons to test out my other colors.

I found a outlet store closer to me and because I am impatient I took a little trip to grab a couple more six pack bags of the white hose.  It was during this trip that I was told that the white nylons were being discontinued.  SAY WHAT!  yes, that is right they were being discontinued!  I couldn't believe it either, so I ended up ordering a few more bags off the website so I'd have a little sick pile. 

Before I tried the yellow and purple dye I thought to grab a  couple pair of nude hose to throw in the pot too.(just wanted to see how they would turn out)  
The yellow on white turned out soooo bright! While the yellow on nude was muted I still think I liked it better. Now the purple, I feel like the color came out pretty similar in both the white and nude nylons with maybe a little more shine on the pair that was nude.

So after my first two dyeing adventures I went out to find more colors to try out.  I came home with what I thought was going to baby pink and baby blue, yea well not so much!
With this round of dyeing I remembered to take some pictures of the process.  I threw in a pair of nude nylons in with the white again because, why not?  As soon as I added the nylons into the pots I could tell that these were in no way going to be the soft baby colors I was hoping for.  They were so bright! And the pink... well the pink was struggling.  I could tell the pink was a bit splotchy so I added a bit more dye to try to make up for it.  But in the end they were still a bit spotted but you can only really tell when I am not wearing them.

I'm ecstatic about being able to dye my nylons and I am now on a search for some dye that will actually turn out to be that baby blue and baby pink I was hoping for.  Of course I'll buying any color that tickles my fancy in the mean time.
Oh just incase you've missed them I did a couple picture sets with the white nylons dyed pink and blue. Check them out in my shop under digital goods.