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Friday, Sep 22, 2017

Once again I have been removed from Instagram.

Monday, Sep 18, 2017

It's been a little while since my last blog, so I thought I would do a little review of my black

Yummy Yummy Brown Sugar Meatloaf
Tuesday, Aug 1, 2017

While I can't take credit for the recipe, I would like to be able to take credit for you tasting 

Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017

Really bummed that I can't play on IG.  My account was deactivated by Instagram for some reason.

Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017

So you may have noticed my Instagram is missing... yea I noticed too.  Instagram removed it.

Sunday, Jun 25, 2017

I had to remove some pics and vids, as well as rework some of my sets.

Dyeing my Nylons
Monday, Jun 19, 2017

Only a whole six months after dyeing my tank top for Halloween I had a revelation.

Answering a few questions.
Friday, May 5, 2017

Seeing as there is no way I would ever be able to answer all of the DMs I get on Instagram I thou

Lovely Lavender
Thursday, Mar 9, 2017

Have I said enough times that I love purple?  If not let me tell you again... I LOVE PURPLE! 

Shopping Links
Wednesday, Feb 22, 2017

I woke up to a nice little email from yesterday. They were letting me know I was accep