Black Patent Leather Pumps

Yea so my blogs have been lacking. What can I say, I enjoy taking pics way more than writing. But, I guess it's high time I wrote something...





Oh what the hell let's talk about shoes. I do love me some shoes! I think I have so many that I'm going to need a whole house to keep them all in here soon.  

If you were to ask me what my favorite pair are I don't think I could decide. But, my black patent leather heels are a pair I don't want to be without.

The first pair I bought I got from Payless they were cheap but decent heels, I even got the same pair in burgundy. I wore the black ones so much that they got a little beat up, so I sold them and went and bought another pair. Wouldn't you know it though, they redesigned the shoe and they just didn't fit the same way. I suffered in these for a little while until I found the pair I wear now.

EVERYTHING MUST GO!                   50 %- 70%                               STORE CLOSING

Well hell yea I was going to check it out! They sell shoes and nylons in Macy's I just might snag me a good deal. Or find me a nice storage shelf thingamabob to put my shoes in. No luck on that shelf or the nylons but I did find a pair of shoes. A lovely black patent leather pair of Chinese Laundry heels. Sure, I had a pair like this, but not this pair. And look they have them in my size! Ring them up I'll take them!

Let me throw my opinion in here about these heels.

I am now the proud owner of a few pairs of Chinese Laundry heels . Most of them are color variations of my black ones, they are even my favorite style, pumps with an almond toe. (Idk why I'm not a pointed toe fan, I have a pair of theirs with a pointed toe I still love but that's a topic for another time) Now, I'm no expert in the quality of heels but these seem to hold up pretty well and the fit was just right after a couple of of wears, rue to size and everything. Not much more I could ask for, except maybe that they make them in purple again so I can snatch them up too.

So that is both the story of how I found my favorite heels and my sorta kinda mini review of them. I think I'm going to stop writing now and go take a couple pics to post with this blog.