Umm about me… well, if you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know a lot about me, or maybe you don’t because you are just there for the pictures. Anyway if you would like to know a little more keep reading. If not pick another page to look at cause here comes more words.

I have a slight obsession with nylons and socks and wouldn’t you know it, that name happened to be available when I decided to post some pics on IG.

I don’t know what I should write. So what? Like a list of other stuff I like sure.

  • Cats (no cats are excluded from this even the ugly hairless ones)
  • My Family (well, some other peoples families too)
  • Purple (haven’t seen a single shade of it I didn’t like)
  • Heels (not a real huge fan of the long pointed toe ones.)

Are we done here? Know enough yet? Fine.

  • Hockey (Redwings and any team the boy plays for)
  • Laughing (I’m including being funny here cause I make me laugh and this is my page I can do what I want.
  • Size 7 shoe (I love shoes)
  • Nylonsandsocks@gmail.com  (paypal for those of you who want to contribute to my addiction)

What were you expecting? A life story? I take pics not write stuff, sorry. Get outta here go look at some pictures or if you wanna read find yourself a good book.